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RESPECT. Interview – Houston Mouves Looks to Diversify the City’s Sponsoring and Special Events Mark

Malcolm Worsham on December 19, 2017/0 Comments

Photo Credits: Houston Mouves, LLC.

Houston Mouves because every one is looking for something to do.

The city inspired Houston Mouves to serve others while giving them something fun to do. Houston Mouves is an event-planning company that caters to bringing professionals together while help promote growth in their business. With events that range from annual backpack and toy drives to whiskey festivals. Houston Mouves’ aim to share & highlight the city’s diversity.

RESPECT.: “What is Houston Mouves & when was it started?” Houston Mouves: Houston Mouves is a company that hosts exclusive high-end events tailored toward professionals and social influencers in the Greater Houston Region. We focus on promoting local to help grow their business.

RESPECT.: “How does it fit into the mold of the city of Houston?”

Houston Mouves: “Houston is the most diverse city in the United States. Houston Mouves events will always have a diverse crowd of Business Owners, Politicians, & Celebrities in the city.”

RESPECT.: “What is the inspiration behind the name and brand?”

Houston Mouves: “We have always had a passion for helping others in poverty or in need. We love to make moves to help bless the unfortunate. ”

Photo Credits: Houston Mouves, LLC

RESPECT.: “What is the atmosphere for Houston’s nightlife?”

Houston Mouves: “Houston Nightlife is full of events and entertainment. The city always has something to offer no matter what day or time during the week.”

RESPECT.: “Being a young event planner in your mid 20’s, what’s it like connecting one the younger and older demographics?”

Houston Mouves: “Houston is the most diverse city in the U.S. Houston Mouves focuses on diversity at all of its events. You will see all ethnicities at Houston Mouves events and everyone is welcome. Diversity and inclusion at its finest.”

Photo Credits: Houston Mouves, LLC

RESPECT.: “Explain a day in the life of an event planner & a project manager?”

Houston Mouves: “Event planners are always trying to find new and fun ideas to help showcase the versatility of Houston. One thing as an event planner, focuses on creating an environment of business owners connecting and developing million dollar ideas.”

RESPECT.: “Is pre-planning and organization a must when it comes to planning successful events?”

Houston Mouves: “Absolutely.pre-planning and organization is one of the most important parts of planning a successful event. With so many moving parts, Houston Mouves always allows volunteers and interns to help their dreams manifest.”

RESPECT.: “What keeps you motivated to expand the mission of Houston Mouves?”

Houston Mouves: “Philanthropy. A portion of all proceeds made at each event is donated to a non-profit. We love to give back to the community and help others. We are able to meet that mission by having successful events as well as a great support group of followers.”

RESPECT.: “What is your vision for Houston Mouves moving forward?”

Houston Mouves: “Houston Mouves is one of the fastest growing and expanding event companies in Houston. We want to continue to provide networking opportunities for business owners and entrepreneurs in the Greater Houston Area. We will continue to serve our community and support buying local to keep the funds in Texas.”

Photo Credits: Houston Mouves, LLC

RESPECT.: “What is in store for 2018?”

Houston Mouves: “March 9th Houston Scotch and Beer Fest at India House from 7-10pm. July 8th Houston Gospel Fest at India House from 3-7 p.m.

View our Facebook Page for more details.

RESPECT.: “What does RESPECT. mean to you?”

Houston Mouves: “Respect is earned not given. Respect only comes to those who work hard and deserve it. Respect is something Houston Mouves wants to be known for amongst the social engineers, celebrities, politicians, business owners, etc. that attend the events.”

For information on Houston Mouves, go to its Facebook page and click like to stay updated with upcoming events.

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